What We Do

DNA Design Platform

SimPath’s DNA Design Platform consists of a patent-pending DNA assembly method, TNT-cloning, and a web-based design tool. Our assembly method is 100% flexible and sequence independent, allowing any DNA fragment to be assembled in any orientation and in any construct. The flexibility granted by this method removes many of the limitations present in competing methods and allows for the development of a uniquely simple design tool. Minimal technical expertise is required to utilize SimPath’s DNA Design Platform, allowing for easy integration into an existing or newly started Synthetic Biology lab. The DNA Design Platform is also automation-friendly, enabling a reduction in the length and cost of design-build-test cycles.

Existing Synthetic Biology Labs

  • Reduce DNA synthesis needs
  • Scale up workflow
  • Outsource cloning

Interested non-Synthetic Biology Labs

  • Easy integration into lab
  • Low learning curve
  • Enable experimental validations

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