SimPATH has been featured on as a follow-up article to their 2015 Start-Up Day celebration.  We did an interview with Tom Ballard on how the product has been developing and where the company is headed.  Here is an excerpt.

Knoxville area readers may recall Rob Moseley and a company named SimPath that presented at the 2015 “Start-up Day” celebration.

“We were very early then,” the company’s Founder says. “We are much further along today on our plan and strategy.”

The start-up, which is a DNA assembly service for companies and labs to reduce time and costs by outsourcing the building of Synthetic DNA, just executed an exclusive license with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for a novel cloning system that generates and assembles the biological building blocks necessary to synthetically bioengineer new medicines and fuels. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to read this article on the license.)

“We’ve licensed that technology, will be integrating it into our automation platform, and add design software,” Moseley said. “Together, we are providing a biological design platform targeted at anyone trying to make bioproducts.”