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Biomanufacturing is revolutionizing the way we manufacture many of our most valuable resources, such as fuel, medicine, and food. By utilizing “living factories,” production of these products has become quicker, cheaper, and more sustainable than traditional methods.

In this industry, companies are constantly striving to improve efficiency and produce more complicated products. Unfortunately, with this improvement comes increasing challenges in genetic engineering. SimPath is dedicated to helping companies tackle these challenges so that they can introduce new products to the market faster and at a lower cost.




In order to complete our mission, we’re currently seeking partners who share in our desire to change the world. If you’re interested in becoming part of this incredible process, contact us today!

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  • Angel/Seed Investment: $150,000 for 2018
  • Strategic Partners: Synthetic Biology and Business Development
  • Beta testing DNA Assembly Service pipeline
  • ORNL TIP Phase I: $250,000 (Expired)
  • Boyd Venture Challenge: $10,000
  • ORNL TIP Phase II: $250,000 (Active)
  • ORNL TIP Phase I Funded
  • ORNL TIP Phase II Funded
  • Obtained exclusive license of technology from ORNL

We are supported in Tennessee by

Mentor Program

LaunchTN’s Mentor Program is modeled after San Diego’s CONNECT Springboard and works with promising startups within the state of Tennessee by giving them access to mentors within the state to help guide them in developing their company.
Three Roots Captial Checkerboard Portfolio

Checkerboard Portfolio

Checkerboard Portfolio identifies and works with the most promising entrepreneurial opportunities in the University of Tennessee system and puts them through a structured advisory and mentoring program that helps them negotiate inflection points and focus on the decisions/opportunities that can make the biggest “delta” in the business.

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