Beta Program

SimPath is currently looking for Beta Customers who are interested in exploring combinatorial DNA assemblies without the time and financial constraints of existing technologies. We ask that our Beta Customers remain patient throughout early stages of the process and are willing to provide feedback. Feedback from our Beta Customers is essential as it helps create products that are tailored to your specific needs.




Being a Beta Customer comes with numerous benefits. During the design stage of your construct, SimPath provides everything from DNA design details and in-house library access to preferred shipping options. In addition, Beta Customers can expect reduced prices and early access to SimPath’s DNA design tool, as well as any future products and services.

SimPath guarantees all work will be done under an NDA to ensure the highest confidentiality.


Join The Beta Program

Joining is easy. Just tell us about yourself and we’ll get the process started. Expect a call in the next business day.